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We help couples & individuals to recover from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma


Are you struggling with pornography, sexual addiction and betrayal trauma? 

Our names are Christoffer & Maria. Pornography and sexual addiction came very close to destroy our marriage.

We recovered, healed and overcame the struggle together.

Through our own experience we understand how you feel, but also know that recovery is possible.

We provide 1 on 1 coaching for you as an individual or couple struggling with these issues.

A free consultation is available to you, to learn more, establish your needs and to quickly get you moving in the right direction.

To book your free consultation now, either:

call +46 73 140 21 03 

or send an email to: contact@undisputedrecovery.com

  • Recovery for both addict & partner
  • Mentorship in between sessions
  • No interference with your carrier
  • Work your recovery from home

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