Christoffer Nettelbladt

Pornography & Sexual Addiction Recovery - Coach - Specialist

Recovered porn & online gaming addict with a background in internal auditing ISO:27001, IT support & maintenance.

I strongly feel that helping people is my calling and passion. As the oldest of three I was the shoulder to lean on growing up, and the one my younger siblings relied on to show them the path. During my time in the military service I often found myself supporting my fellow teammates through the mental obstacles we faced together. 

For 12 years I struggled with addiction to pornography and online-gaming as an escape from a passed trauma.

My porn addiction was a very hard fight to win. It took time and required a great deal of determination, but in the end it was a mix of committing to a recovery program, implementing new skill sets from my own discoveries and educating myself along the way that ended the addiction.

After overcoming porn addiction, a spark lit and everything fell into place naturally when I realised that this is how I want to contribute and help other couples & individuals who are determined to end their porn addiction or sexual addiction.

Now I work specifically with coaching and mentoring people out of porn addiction towards a future with deeper understanding of what is needed for them to thrive.

The compassion I have for anyone that is still waging war on porn addiction comes from knowing first hand the challenge you are facing.

Learn the full story about how Christoffer developed and overcame porn addiction after twelve years.


Undisputed PRN Recovery is helping people that are struggling both porn addiction and sexual addiction to recover and  reclaim their freedom by coaching and mentorship.

 The recovery programs are specifically designed to provide people with necessary skills and perspectives as well as question their behaviour, point of view and routines to not only build but to maintain a fulfilling life without addiction.

The methods are evidence based and under constant improvement by implementing the findings from new studies and research. 

Our mission is to provide and ensure sustained recovery and help build a life that people thrive in and have a sense of higher purpose.

Online recovery makes it possible for us to work together from my location in Stockholm Sweden regardless of where you are in the world.

Help is available for you in english or swedish.


My 12 years of addictions caused a lot of harm to both me and others around me. It destroyed all my friendships and almost the relationship with my wife. I was facing a crossroad, either I get help quick or ruin everything that matters to me. After trying a couple of recovery centers  my wife finally found one with an approach that was effective. We feel that after surviving the horrors of porn addiction we want to help anyone that is struggling in the same situation with addiction, and to help inform people and prevent as many as we can so they never end up taking that path in life.

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