Have you discovered your partners porn addiction?

It is very common to experience trauma symptoms after discovering a partners addiction to porn and or sex. What hurts the most is typically not the sexual activity itself, but the broken trust. Therefor partners to someone with an addiction to porn and sex often experience the same feelings. A betrayed partner can show symptoms of (PTSD) posttraumatic stress . Other common feelings include anger, loss of direction and broken self esteem. It is also common to feel that you will not be able to trust anyone again.

It is very important for you to understand that you are fully entitled to your feelings and emotions!

Key factors that determine how deep the trauma is experienced include:

  • For how long have the betrayal been going on.
  • The intensity of the betrayal.
  • How deep the emotional manipulation have gone in terms of lies and hiding the behaviour.¬†
  • If the behaviour caused public consequences¬†
  • Any negative financial consequences.

It is very important to work through these emotions to heal, and not to dampen or ignore them.

Undisputed PRN Recovery offer rehabilitation and healing for both the addicted person and the betrayed partner.

Living with a partner that has an addiction can raise a lot of frustration. One side of the coin is the love for this person, the other side of the coin is how the addiction makes you feel. All the promises, lies and frustration and it might feel like you are doing everything in your power to hang in there while trying to make the addiction go away yourself.

Healing from betrayal & trauma - Individual healing
The program is based on CRAFT - Community Reinforcement Approach & Family Training

All modern science shows that both addict and partner have best change to make positive change is through strengthening their self and each other.
Perfect for individuals who have discovered a partners porn- or sex addiction. You are entitled to your feelings and emotions! They must however be dealt with in healthy ways.