Why do I continue to fail despite many attempts to quit watching porn?

Looking closely there are many reasons as to why people fall back into relapse, for example:

  • To relieve stress.

  • Home alone and deal with boredom.

  • Looking from a bigger perspective it comes down to one single reason, not fully commit to change. the truth is simply that new results demand new ways. There are many different reasons why people relapse over and over, and all those reasons must be dealt with and adressed in new healthy ways. That is where hard work, determination and finding your way through recovery is needed. There are no way around it or shortcuts.

    How can a partner cope with/help their significant other's porn addiction?

    To cope with a partners porn addiction it is absolutely crucial to fully understand that the addiction to porn has nothing to do with you as a person or partner. A porn addiction can be developed to cope with a passed trauma, escape or numb emotions and to relieve stress. One thing is true for every single person with a porn addiction though, the reason to develop the addiction is found within themselves.

    How can I be sure that my significant other is serious about stopping porn for good?

    Promises can and WILL be broken when it comes to quitting and addiction. It is not that the addicted person don't want to recover, it's that the addiction got such a strong pull on the individual and it's very hard to break free. So what can you do? - Let actions speak, not words. Are you seeing changed behaviours? Is the addicted person educating him/her self on the subject? - Is the person owning the situation by speaking truth and not making any more excuses. - Is the person prioritising their recovery and seeking professional help?

    Why is porn so hard to recover from?

    Because it effects the brain in the same addictive way that drugs and alcohol does.
    It highjacks the natural reward system by dumping extreme levels of dopamine. By regularly watching porn your brain will get used to these extreme levels of dopamine and get used to them. slowly your brain will demand higher and higher dosage to get the same "kick", this is why the addiction escalades beyond the addicted individuals control.
    By completely stop watching porn the brain will start to heal and "reset" back to default. this process takes time and is very difficult to experience and get through all the way without guidance through professional help.

    Are you ready for the next step?

    Reclaim sovereignty over your sexual behaviours & plan the future you will thrive in.

    Or are you ready worried about your partners porn habits?

    Do not hesitate to reach out for help regarding the potential addiction and your emotions.