How not to relapse in sexual addiction

It’s more common to be addicted to sex than it is to abuse prescription drugs

Miss use and abusing prescription drugs is a well-known and rapidly spreading epidemic with many serious negative effects for the effected people and for society as a whole.

Sexual addiction is on par with the abuse of prescription drugs in terms of magnitude.

An estimated 6-8% (1) adults suffer from sexual addiction, that translates into 14.7-19.6 million people in America alone. Despite these statistics the dangers and negative effects of sexual addiction is typically ignored and kept a secret.

A sexual addiction typically coexists together with another addiction such as alcohol, drugs or compulsive gambling.

More than 83% of sexual addicts are struggling with multiple addictions. (2)

Always plan ahead

Recovery is a new way of life, you could say it’s a lifestyle.

Recognizing the need for planning ahead is crucial to succeed in the long run.

We will all face situations in life that we don’t even want to imagine, such as learning that a loved one is facing a fatal medical condition.

Or even losing a family member. These are not scenarios we want to think about or plan for, but this type of lifechanging tragedies are one of the biggest enemies of long-lasting recovery. Have a plan in place for such life events, such as intensifying attendance to recovery meetings, tighten friendly bonds and so on.  Do not attempt to face such events alone.

Social happenings

Social gatherings that’s related to business can be risky to attend. Especially if a former sexual partner will attend. In early stages of recovery, I would advise against attending these events. Further down the recovery road they pose less of a risk and you might want to attend. A good tool to use then is check-ins.

The benefits of check-ins are that they provide support and accountability, two major components of a successful recovery. It is very simple to implement. Before and after the event you have planned calls to someone within your trusted support network.

Traveling Alone

Traveling poses many high-risk factors in recovery that can trigger a compulsion.

While traveling the addicted person is detached from her or his network of support and accountability. This is especially dangerous while traveling alone on business trips.

Being alone surrounded by strangers, being alone in hotel rooms can be potent triggers for sexual addicts. Staying in contact with the supportive network during trips are very important.

When checking in to hotel rooms always demand any pornographic channels to be disabled during the stay.

Visual Stimulation

It is very common among sexual addicts to have a specific type or template for what attracts them physically.

A negative effect of sexual addiction is compulsive objectification.

When an addict sees someone that fits this template, they see these physical attributes first and foremost, not the actual person. This can be very triggering and potentially set of the downward spiral towards a relapse.

It is very useful to stop and analyze the consequences of a relapse when triggered in this way.

Another useful tool is to attach a story to the person that got you triggered. This might be a parent, someone that is fighting with a potentially fatal disease or just taking a daily walk to exercise. End this thought with remembering that regardless of what, it is none of your business and carry on.

Start planning an event that is important to you. A family members birthday or something similar to shift focus by being productive until the impulse is fading. 

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