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The main purpose of Undisputed PRN Recovery is to provide long term sustained recovery results. Since everyone is different and recovers differently, we are now very proud to announce our partnership with Twin Rivers Rehab that was founded by David and Caroline Briskham in March 2011.


What that means is that we can now provide full continuous client care together.

For some clients, the best recovery option will be online sessions while continuing their day to day lives.

For other clients that will not be an option because they need daily psychological support in a residential setting. This is where this partnership shines offering all clients life changing options.

Click the link below read more about our partnership at Twin Rivers rehab website
Read David Briskhams article on LinkedIn about about how we work together for clients all over the world to end their addiction to porn. It also covers the similarities between an addiction to porn and drugs.

Twin Rivers Rehab is located in Plettenberg Bay-South Africa and was opened by David and Caroline Briskham who both desired to open a fully licenced addiction and psychological wellness centre in Plettenberg Bay.

David has been in recovery from gambling, alcohol, amphetamines and co-dependency for over 23 years and still enjoys the daily challenge that the illness of addiction can bring for himself and his clients. Its some of the mysteries around addiction that still intrigues David such as, ‘why keep engaging in the same behaviours and yet expect a different result’, there’s insanity for you! Each addiction has its own unique psychology attached to it as the lifestyle of an alcohol is vastly different to that of a client suffering with pornography addiction. Alcohol involves a mood altering substance as where pornography is more deemed to be a behavioural or process addiction but the outcomes are much the same, loneliness and despair!

David originally trained at Europe’s longest operating treatment centre starting in 1999 and trained as a Chemical Dependency Counsellor. Over the years David has attended a number of short courses, seminars and workshops which has all helped to enlarge his knowledge in best understanding how to work with the needs of the modern day addict. All addicts have unique life stories, sure there will be some similarities, and yet all clients require varying types of individualised therapy in order to make essential changes. David’s core work is Psychodynamic and assists clients in helping them to better understand how childhood experiences impact present day attitudes and behaviours.

Twin Rivers Rehab has two registered nurses and a full compliment of staff including a social worker, addiction counsellor and ‘step work’ counsellors. Twin Rivers employs various consultants including a clinical social worker for supervision and for clients who may require a psychiatric evaluation. We have drama therapy, art therapy as well as a minimum of 3 visits a week to the local gymnasium.

Twin Rivers does have a daily programme which does have a level of flexibility attached to it as the therapy team may decide that a walk to the beach might be more productive than another group therapy session after a hard day’s work!

Twin Rivers Rehab – Making The Seemingly Impossible – Possible since 2011

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