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"I have worked with many different therapists and in many different recovery programs, and I have never had such a good understanding of the way my brain works as I do now after completing Chris’s program. I am now able to watch the thoughts roll into my brain that would cause me to have a setback, and with Chris’s help, I have systems in place to overcome them. The thing I appreciated most about Chris as a coach was his ability to work backwards through my thought process whenever I had a setback and identify the key reason that it happened. With his help I was able to identify two key personality traits (perfectionism and procrastination) that make me more vulnerable to porn addiction. From there he worked with me to develop strategies and systems to overcome the negative effects of these traits and become a better version of myself. More than anything this program taught me to relax. Before the program, I was constantly wound up so tight from the stress of trying to fight this that I was honestly incapable of relaxation. Chris helped me to realise that I need more balance in my life between my physical, mental, and spiritual energy, and once again helped me develop strategies and systems to achieve that balance. I never would have guessed that perfectionism and procrastination were the main triggers I deal with. I consider myself to be a hard worker, and never thought of myself as someone who has a problem with procrastination. "
Nicolas from Pittsburgh
Helicopter Pilot
"After 17 years of addiction I'm finally equipped for my life without it. Without Christoffers program I would still be stuck in the pattern of failing to quit and act out. The reason I put my trust in the hands of Christoffer is because he have stood where I was standing. In my line of work I value advices based on the persons experience. I could put my trust in Christoffer because he has been in the trenches himself. I see a bright future ahead without addiction, thanks to Christoffers program. "
George from Los Angeles
"I've got my life back on track. My goals have always been ambitious, but there has been something in the way competing for my attention. With addiction in my life I could not focus on doing what I wanted. I regularly came up short when going after my goals because I spent so much time with my addiction to porn. Committing to recovery with Chris as my coach felt like taking the speed-lane in a sportscar away from the addiction and towards my goals. I highly recommend Chris as a recovery coach. "
Viktor from Stockholm

Featured guest at The Man Under Construction Podcast
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Featured guest at Beroendepodden Podcast
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Swedish Press releases


Under en stor del av barndomen – och långt in i vuxen ålder – var Christoffer, 33, fast i nätporr. – Jag kunde sitta i sex timmar och bara söka efter bilder och filmer. Det var en notorisk jakt på det perfekta klippet – likt sökandet efter det perfekta drogpillret eller den perfekta supen.
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Christoffer Nettelbladt tillbringade år att leta efter ”det perfekta porrklippet”. Det var först när han funnit kärleken och skulle bli pappa som han insåg att han var beroende.
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